Pam Hill Interiors


Residential and Commercial Interior Design

Pam Hill's Interior Design Services
  • Residential and commercial interior design
  • Interior design for new homes
  • Hourly consultations
  • Interior design planning with architects
  • Furniture from major manufacturers
  • Custom-crafted furniture
  • Custom window treatments and bedspreads
  • Floor and wall coverings
  • Accessories
  • Works of art

Here’s What Pam Hill Will Do For You:


Listen to You
To Pam, interior design is more than coordinating colors, textures and styles—it’s creating environments that match your style and perfectly suit your needs. The best way to begin this process is simple: sit down and talk about it!


Create the Master Plan
Pam’s Master Plan ensures that all of the surprises ahead are pleasant ones! From discussing your budget and time requirements to conducting an in-depth analysis of your likes and dislikes, Pam expertly lays the crucial groundwork for a pleasant, positive experience.


Stay in Touch
Pam and her staff keep you posted throughout the design process, so you’ll always know what to expect and when to expect it. They’ll take care of time-consuming details like ordering products, placing calls to custom furnishing makers and craftspeople, and arranging for deliveries.


Follow Through
Pam’s service doesn’t end until you’re satisfied. If you ever have a question, or need an additional word of advice, it’s nice to know that Pam welcomes your call. She’s been a designer here since 1971—she’ll be here when you need her.